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Posted by Derek on October 17th, 2008 at 6:11 am

HD channels on cable are in the process of evolving. We can now see Mythbusters in HD, but we’re still inundated with helicopter flyover shows and ‘Bikini Adventures.’ Now there’s CNN in HD.

Wha? Do we really need CNN in HD? I don’t need to see Wolf Blitzer’s pores, and God forbid they put Nancy Grace on there. But while we tuned in to the final presidential debate last night, we discovered CNNHD’s big contribution to the news landscape:

That’s right – BAFFLE-O-VISION!

We spent, like, a half-hour trying to figure out how those scores on the left and right were working. And that was after we had a discussion about how that heart rate monitor on the bottom was working – everyone doesn’t realize it updates based on instant reaction metering, I guess.

Instead of wondering who this “Joe the Plumber” guy was, we wanted to know how the hell Martin was assigning his points and why Gergen seemed to sleep through the whole thing.

I wanted to follow up on all this data, but for some reason, doesn’t even acknowledge this stuff was up there. No listing of the analysts, no breakdown of their points, no explanation of what earns a + or a -.

Most sadly, it made me feel old. I used to think I was a pretty technologically savvy guy, but now I feel all this data flying at us constantly every day is overwhelming. I’m easily distracted, forgetful and strangely exhausted.

Do I blame CNN? Of course not. But as long as I’m frustrated and overwhelmed, I might as well make fun of something.

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One Response to That’s TOO MUCH KNOWLEDGE!



  2. Martin Rocks! Gergen sucks! Martin’s scores were like watching an exciting college football game where touchdowns were lighting up the scoreboard! Gergen is playing Chinese checkers with grandpa and boring the hell out of me. Go! Martin Go!